Weekly Veggie Box

Welcome to a new Weekly Veggie Box season!

PLEASE NOTE: There is limited space for the 2021 veggie box program. Please sign up as soon as possible. Thank you – we appreciate your understanding!

Please read through the following FAQ carefully and get back to us if you have any questions.

Thank you!

How does the program work?

Every Wednesday, you will receive a fresh supply of seasonal organic vegetables that are ready packed in a rubbermaid bin. You return your empty bin each following week when you get your new bin. It is a rotating system.

Time/Duration: This weekly program starts on Wednesday July 7th, 2021 and runs until October 13th, 2021 (a total of 15 weeks). There is only one pick-up day for both medium and large boxes: WEDNESDAY between 4:00pm – 6:00pm. Please no early birds. 

Location: Pick up is located at the arena parking lot of the Smithers Civic Centre (arena).


Regular Price:

You have paid the $15 registration fee already. No volunteering required. Refundable box deposit included.

Medium Box = $352.50 CAD
Large Box = $502.50 CAD

Workbee Price:

You agreed to volunteer on the farm for 8 hrs total during May-November 2021 and therefore receive the veggiebox for a discounted price. You have paid the $15 registration fee. Refundable box deposit included.

Medium Box = $315.00 CAD
Large Box = $465.00 CAD 

*These prices include a $15 registration fee as well as a refundable $15 box deposit.

Volunteers: you will receive an email if you signed up for the Workbee program. Become a volunteer and save on your veggie box!

Payment Options:

1. Pay all at once via cheque/e-transfer/cash.

2. In 2 separate instalments (July to August & September to October) via postdated cheques/cash/e-transfer.

What if I can only pay per week?

This will require special arrangements, but we ask you to try to stick to the payment plan outlined above, since it gives us more time to focus on farming delicious vegetables vs. bookkeeping.

What is the Box Deposit?

The $15 box deposit is a refundable ‘rental fee’ for the rubbermaid tote we provide (already included in the total price). If you return your bin on the very last pick up day, you receive a $15 refund.

What if I forget to bring my empty bin back?

If you forget to return your empty bin on any given Wednesday, we simply load your veggies into a plastic bag in lieu. If you return your empty bin, you get to take the new filled bin home.

What happens if I’m not here for one/several of those weeks?

You organize somebody who will pick up for you. You can gift/sell your bin to a neighbour, friend, etc. Many people appreciate the opportunity to try out the program to decide whether it works for them. We do not need to be informed if you organize someone else to get your bin. Simply instruct this person carefully about the pick-up procedure (i.e. sign in, check empty box return).  There are no reimbursements for missed weeks available through the farm. Please make sure to have your pick-up person return the empty bin to you once you are back.

What if I cannot make Wednesdays?

Please send someone in lieu.

What if I forget to pick up my bin?

To avoid this, please activate a regular reminder on your phone or write it down on your calendar. You do get a weekly email with reminders & recipe suggestions on Monday/Tuesday (make sure simonehug786@web.de is in your address book to avoid those emails landing in your spam). If you do forget you will get contacted per phone/email to come down to the farm the next day to pick up your bin from our refrigerated trailer. Bins that have not been picked up after Friday 6pm will get donated to families in need (unless further arrangements were made).

What if there is a vegetable in my bin that I do not like/want?

There will be a ‘trade bin’ with extras from the harvest. You can place one unwanted item in that bin and take another [wanted] item instead. This is limited to 1 item per bin.

What if I want to switch to a large/medium bin during the season?

This is possible on the first of each month. In case you switch from large to medium, you will get reimbursed. If you switch from medium to large there will be an extra cost.


If you have signed up for the Workbee (8hrs. total to volunteer on the farm) you will receive emails to keep you updated. Thank you Volunteers!